Our commissions


Specialized in the resale of luxury second hand items for more than 15 years, we take our role as a trusted third party to heart.
We have the same interest as you: sell your items quickly and at the best prices.
Transparency is our signature to make you live a new experience of the consignment stores.

Our services include:

  • embellishing your items,
  • taking professional photos,
  • authentication and editing of a certificate of authenticity for your buyer,
  • bilingual description,
  • massive diffusion on the resale platforms of second-hand article of luxury the most renowned subject to acceptance of their share (vestaire collective, vide dressing, instantluxe, chrono24, ebay...),
  • enhancing your articles through editorial, merchandising and newsletters,
  • collection and securing of payments,
  • possibility for your buyers to come and try your articles in our store without appointment,
  • possibility for your buyers to pay us in 3 times,
  • safe and secure shipping worldwide,
  • enhancement in our store windows,
  • real-time tracking of your sales through your 24/7 extranet,
  • follow-up by your dedicated contact in our boutiques can be reached by telephone or in shop from Tuesday to Saturday,
  • unlimited listing of your items.

Listings are free and unlimited, commission applies only when your item is sold.

Your sold items are paid to you every 15 days by bank transfert.

On each item sold our commission is calculated as follows.
A fixed commission of 5 euros and a variable commission calculated as a percentage of the net platform final sale price:
On the range of 0 to 1000 euros: 30% ttc
On the range of 1000 to 2000 euros: 20% ttc
Beyond 2000 euros: 10% ttc

In case of unsold after 3 months the service is FREE: either you recover your object, or you put it back for sale.